We continuously enhance our EMS to be cost effective and match the lead time & launch in to market

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

NMOS EMS team work very closely with our internal design team and manufacturing eco system to ensure there are no gaps and milestones are signed-off for the manufacturing of Mechanical, Plastic, Electrical, Electronics, PCBs, etc…

Well established manufacturing eco-system(Injection moulding, PCB machines, Mechanical Fabrication, Drilling, Component placing, Testing, Assembling, Certifying, etc…)  with the parts / components supplier network to manufacture products in a matter of days or at large scale. NMOS EMS team monitor all of our manufacturing partners quality of work and working practices regularly and hence our customer are well assured about the fact that finished goods / products are being sourced from legitimate manufacturers eco-system who will deliver on-time and within the budgeted cost. NMOS only work with product manufacturers who have met our high-quality standards, who can demonstrate fair & safe working practices for their staff and translate our designs into product what our customer envisaged for targeted market / business sector.

NMOS established eco-system of manufacturing can provide cost effective and rapid production of the circuits which we can test in-house using our extensive test-equipment setup to guarantee the desired functionality.

Collaborating with NMOS for the EMS, gives our customer confidence and peace of mind that they are working with high-quality manufacturing partners and will have the support need to get through product launch and the services.