We collaborate with academia to impart the best industry experience to the Faculties and Interns / Students

R&D Co-Creation

In the present times of Knowledge Economy, it is a critical requirement to have close interface between academia and industry for not just to prepare students as per the changing needs and aspirations of the industry, but also promoting Innovation and Research mind-set and skills. Hence at NMOS we always looking at universities/ collages for collaborating and be instrumental in advancing research and co-development, besides creating a skilled workforce which industry need and thereby achieve the following objectives:

Please submit your R&D Co-Creation collaboration request to info@nmos.in. After receiving your request our internal committee will review the proposal and response will be relayed back to you on the next possible steps.

FDP (Faculty Development Program)

At NMOS we believe in giving back to Academia and strengthen the education system with the required practical exposure, sharing current trends and advancement in technologies, etc… As a step towards that, our experts have been interacting with Professors and Lecturers of some of the universities / collages as part of Faculty Development Program. Below are some of the topics which our experts can share their knowledge and experience with faculties of University / Colleges.

Please submit your FDP request to info@nmos.in.


Every calendar year we do accept few interns (the student should be in final semester of engineering graduation and willing to work at our office for full time of minimum 4 months), the below are areas in which we look out for interns.

Please submit your internship request email (it should contain: basic details, topic of internship, how many months you are willing  under internship, achievements so far, why NMOS should select you and what you can contribute back to NMOS) to info@nmos.in.


In order to influence with right kind of topics for the research, our experts at NMOS keep identifying some of the ideas / research topics for the internal team and the same we display in this section. Any of you are interested in conducting the research and develop the solution independently with or without support from NMOS can go ahead. By doing this, we always contribute back to the industry eco-system. Below are few topics which are potential for researching: 

If you have any research topic which is unique, then please share it with info@nmos.in, one of our team member will respond back for the next steps to associate or the support you may need from NMOS.