Electronic Design Services

Electronics design does not start by drawing schematics. It starts with understanding the application and corresponding requirements on the design. Then through modelling and simulation aspects such as power-budgets and sensor accuracy, we can make intelligent decisions about the design of the circuitry, so it efficiently fulfils your application’s requirements.

This allows you to focus on the real-world product’s requirements while Ignitec translates these into electronics’ specifications and designs.

Complete Electronics Solutions

With experience from early stage prototyping to mass manufacturing, NMoS Systems & Semiconductors can be your partner for the full electronics design process.

Our in-house expertise covers the full spectrum of electronics design, from sensitive analogue circuits to high-speed digital circuitry, high-power electro-mechanical systems to miniaturised devices that live off micro-watts of power.

NMoS Systems & Semiconductors established manufacturing partners can provide cost effective and rapid production of the circuits which we can test in-house using our extensive test-equipment setup to guarantee the desired functionality.

A Truly Multi-Disciplinary Team

Electronics design cannot happen in isolation; proper realisation of the product requires close integration with the mechanical and software aspects of the design. Using a truly multi-disciplinary team ensures that the end results integrate seamlessly.

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We provide professional electronics design services.

No matter what market or industry, we provide the full solution from design to mass-production, seamlessly.